ICT Consultancy Services

ICT is now central to all processes within an organization and ICT systems & infrastructure is therefore a critical component in modern organizational environment. We provide the perfect ICT solutions to our customers, informed by our combined expertise in organizational transformation, risk analysis & mitigation, process improvement and technology, as they seek to achieve efficiency in service delivery.

Wave helps you achieve the much-needed synergy between ICT, the organizational objectives and performance by focusing on key areas that include, mapping of Organizational Objectives to technology, Risk Management, Organizational Process Controls, Asset protection, Revenue Management, Expenditure Controls, Regulatory Compliance, Governance as well as Fraud Management.

Wave Advisory’s ICT audit is the starting point where an organizational ICT Environment is reviewed and customers advised on what controls to put in place to ensure all organizational objectives are achieved through optimal utilization of ICT Systems & Infrastructure. Wave’s comprehensive ICT Audit covers; ICT Systems & Infrastructure alignment to the overall organizational strategy, ICT Infrastructure and security, Organizational Systems and Applications, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity.

We do not just stop at conducting ICT Audit, we go the extra mile by helping our customers select best software solution and assist with implementation, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)/ Business System implementation, ICT System post implementation reviews and quality assurance, sourcing & deployment of IT & Cyber Security Solutions and execute Business Process mapping & ICT procurement.

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