Management Advisory

Wave Advisory’s combined financial, accounting, tax, information technology, legal and industry expertise brings multidisciplinary approach giving your organization the much-needed booster shot in performance enhancement. Wave’s experienced team with diverse knowledge, training and experience will help you;

  1. Develop and implement operational & financial procedures for your organization.
  2. Put together concept notes, information memorandum, pitch decks, business and investment plans.
  3. Business process set-up, improvement and/or reengineering.
  4. Corporate, Organizational, Management and staffing structure design and review.
  5. Deployment of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems.
  6. Training and development of organizational staff.
  7. Support in preparing and submitting proposals and bids.
  8. Project management from start to finish.
  9. Registration and maintenance of statutory requirements such as Income tax, VAT, NSSF and NHIF.
  10. Accounting for commercial and residential property service charge accounts.
  11. Project accounting services.

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